We are Rock Prairie Computer Consulting, a customer-focused company.

We specialize in computer support for non-profits, small businesses, and home-users in the Des Moines Metro.

RPCC provides onsite, personalized service ranging from one-time emergency help to ongoing support. We offer help with hardware, software, network installation/support and training.

What We Do

Equipment Purchase / Upgrades

RPCC cuts through the hype and avoids upgrading unnecessarily.

While helping you meet all your technical requirements, our philosophy seeks to be kind to the earth and to your wallet. We frequently consult with clients to discuss their upgrade needs and provide a range of possible options.

Talk with us to help decide whether it’s time to upgrade or repair equipment. Office-based clients seek our help to ensure software and hardware meet their needs.


Providing your training in plain English!

RPCC custom training can help you work smarter with your computer in a home or work environment. Whether a one-time task or skill-upgrade, left RPCC help you save time with increased mastery of your computer.

Problem Solving

When your car is making funny noises you don’t open the hood and try to fix it yourself; you take it to someone who knows what they are doing. Left RPCC figure out what is wrong to save you time and hassle.